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2-Bed or 3-Bed  Romford Homes:  Which Sells the Fastest?

16 April 2024

2-Bed Or 3-Bed Romford Homes: Which Sells The Fastest?

  Understanding the nuances of property sales is essential for both homeowners and investors in the dynamic Romford property market.   A few weeks ago, I stated that of the...

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Romford Q1 2024  Property Market Report

11 April 2024

Romford Q1 2024 Property Market Report

  In the articles on the Romford property market, we like to provide an insight into the real story of what is happening in our Romford (and national) property market and address the...

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Romford’s £10.43 Billion Inheritance from Baby Boomers Won't Save Gen X and Millennials

4 April 2024

Romford’S £10.43 Billion Inheritance From Baby Boomers Won't Save Gen X And Millennials

    Many Romford people I talk to in their late 30s to late 40s are relying on the inheritance from their Baby boomer generation parents to help them in their home buying and...

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72 Days to Sell A Property in Romford

26 March 2024

72 Days To Sell A Property In Romford

Whether you are a Romford landlord looking to liquidate your buy-to-let investment or a Romford homeowner looking to sell your home, finding a buyer and then getting the legal work done can take a...

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House sales 2024 v 2023

19 March 2024

House Sales 2024 V 2023

This informative graphic illustrates the buoyancy of the property market across the United Kingdom for the early part of 2024, specifically from the 1st of January to the 16th of March. compared...

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The Romford Property Market Report  for March 2024

14 March 2024

The Romford Property Market Report For March 2024

    As a practised estate and letting agent based in Romford, I like to monitor the Romford property market, compare it to the UK property market, and then share it with Romford...

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